The Crown Residences at Harbour Springs Puerto Princesa Palawan - Condominium For Sale

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Address :

Sta. Lourdes Puerto Princesa, Palawan,
Selling price : Php 2,970,000
Down Payment : Consult us
Reservation Fee : Php 50,000

Description :

Living space : 196 m²

Number of rooms : 3
Number of floors : 2
Number of bathrooms : 3
Number of toilets : 3

The Crown Residences
at Harbour Springs Resort and SPA Village.

Private Residence Club-Luxury Resort Village

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.

Is now Operational and Ready for Occupancy


Is now  Operational and Ready for Occupancy!

Palawan is the home to the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UNESCO World 
Heritage Site, and has been named one of the world's best natural wonders. and more.

Palawan is also the place to go for amazing locations for snorkeling and diving. Another
of its UNESCO World Heritage Site is popular among undersea adventurers -Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. And it was named one of the best islands in the world by National Geographic Traveler.

Why Harbour Springs?

Harbour Springs is located at the crossroads of Palawan's most frequent hot spots. it's only 12 kilometers north of Puerto Princesa City proper. It is right the entrance to the premier and most frequented Palawan destination - the Honda Bay group of islets with its island-hopping attractions.

Harbour Springs is right next to a Natural Hot Springs Spa Resort and LEISURE Community which features the Hot  Springs of Sta. Lourdes,  Sta. Lourdes is the gateway to Honda Bay.

Harbour Springs is a "first-of-the-kind" in Palawan, and most likely in the Philippines.

The Crown Residences is one of the Condotel properties inside Harbour Springs development, and it is managed as Hotel management that every investor will be benefited with ROI, and with the privileged of 8 days Free Occupancy in a year.

The Crown Residences - Premier Condotel Suites and the Penthouse Luxury Suites
A Joint Venture of CDMC and Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.

License to Sell No.  # 031489 with estimated completion this year 2019.

The Crown Residences more available unit Penthouse Luxury Suites. for Fraction of the cost.

The Crown Residences Premier Condotel Suites and Penthouse Luxury Suites

The Crown Residences Premier Condotel Suites Unit. Only 2 units are left at a very affordable price with ROI.

With Floor Area: 34.00 sqm. Selling Price: Ph 3,916,528.00 with 10% Discount based on the Total Contract Price if Payable within  7 days

Reservation Fee: Ph 50,000.00

Note: Price and Terms of Payment are subject to change without prior notice.

The Crown Residences - Swimming pool area.

The Crow Residences -amenity - swimming pool area. (Daytime)

The Swimming Pool at Nighttime 

Full view of the amenity area - swimming pool with sunken bar.

The Crown Residences

The Spa Village - 1.5 Hectares - Adjacent to and Separate Development from the Crown Residences. It is Ongoing construction.

A separate Master Development Plan of CDMC together with the City Government of Puerto Princesa.

* Sta. Lourdes Natural Hot Springs
* Cove pool-with bar, stage for events, pod deck, and cove cabanas
* Wave pool
* Adult swimming pool with pool deck
* Outdoor events area for various occasions
* Series of massage pools-with massage huts
* Pavilion (reception area) - with indoor restaurant and Alfresco dining
* Main Spa and Shower area-separate men's and ladies' spa and shower, with air-conditioned massage areas.

The Harbour Springs Site Development Plan.

This is part of the Harbour Springs 1.5 Hectares Resorts and SPA Village- Ongoing construction

The 3 Bedroom with 4 Toilet & Bath Luxury Penthouse Unit with loft -

Fully-Fitted and Fully- Furnished unit.
It can accommodate 12 people.
The 4th level of the Crown Residences shelters the exclusive Penthouse Luxury Suites, a portion of which you can own at only a fraction of the cost through the Co-Ownership program. Luxury living is what a lot of successful individuals aspire for. However, luxury hotels, luxury vacation homes, and luxury vacation packages come with a
high price tag.

The Penthouse Luxury Suites through Co-Ownership present an innovative and extremely exciting product that will allow you to own your dream luxury vacation home at only a fraction of the cost.

The Penthouse Luxury Suites:

Ground floor - Penthouse Luxury Suites- Living and Dining area (Actual Photo)

Ground floor - Penthouse Luxury Suites - Living and Dining area.

The Penthouse Luxury Suite - Kitchen area. 

What makes HARBOUR SPRINGS an excellent investment?.

Why real estate?

Land and property are among the safest investments in the world.
But not just any property.

Harbour Springs in Palawan offers The Crown Residences with Penthouse Luxury Suite that are made specifically to provide families with the vacation home that they deserve. Measuring up to 200. square meters, a Penthouse Luxury Suite is a complete home away from home, with 3 spacious bedrooms and all the facilities that are necessary for the most comfortable and enjoyable vacation. It's like one never left home! All of this is amid the best island destination in the world!.

– Penthouse Luxury Suite
A Joint Venture of CDMC and Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.

What is Co-Ownership?

C0-Ownership is co-owning an asset or titled property with a pre-determined number of other co-owners. Each co-owner owns a fraction or portion of the asset or property. As a co-owner, you may transfer, will, or sell your specific fraction or percentage of the property to another just like you would be able to do if you were an owner of a whole property.  There will be a maximum of 12 co-owners in one Penthouse luxury Suites. Eleven (11) of the 12 co-owners shall each own an equal percentage in the unit.  The Developer has retained the majority percentage to allow individual co-owners to best enjoy their accommodation benefit whenever they need and want it.  Harbour Springs offers the opportunity to own a portion of a Penthouse Luxury Suites with a benefit accommodation of 14 days per year and payable within a 5- to 7- year easy payment plan.  Co-ownership offer a practical, affordable, and intelligent way to enjoy and own a dream luxury vacation home in a premier tourist destination in the country.  It is luxury living at a fraction of the cost.

What are the advantages of buying into Co-Ownership?

As the asset is shared or co-owned by several individuals, the purchase cost itself is dramatically reduced.  The same goes for all maintenance costs as well as government fees and taxes.  This is an ideal way to get the most out of investment by purchasing only a fraction of the total asset or property.  All other aspects of ownership are split, both the benefit is the costs, among the co-owners.  Co-Ownership allows one to enjoy the lifestyle that most can only dream about at a greatly affordable price.  Cost-conscious individuals are allowed to make the most out of their resources.  By buying into co-ownership, they enjoy the lifestyle that they want without putting all their resources into just one asset.  They then have the flexibility to spread their resources among many properties and other interests.

We have more than 56 shares available for Penthouse Luxury Suites at a very affordable price per Fractional Share.

3-Bedroom with 4 Toilet & Bath Luxury Penthouse with loft. Fully-Furnished and Fully-Fitted
4th Floor level

Floor Area: 193.01 sqm.  (401 - 402)
Floor Area: 205.70 sqm.  (403 - 404 ; 407-408)
Floor Area: 196.60 sqm.  (405)
Floor Area:   94.83 sqm.  (406)
Floor Area: 189.62 sqm.  (409-410)

The Penthouse Luxury Suites -Selling Price: Ph 2,970,000.00/fractional share.
With flexible Terms of Payment.

Reservation  Fee: Ph 50,000.00

30% Downpayment with 15% Discount if Paid within  7 days.
70% Balance Payable in 5 to 7 years with 14% interest per annum.

NOTE: Price and Terms of Payment are subject to change without prior notice.
Just let me know if you need a Sample Price Computation and for the latest update.

The Lobby of The Crown Residences

A Restaurant and Coffee shop area -located on the 2nd floor of the Crown Residences, with stunning views where you can see the green environment of the Honda Bay area.

Harbour Springs a secure and gated community?
Yes, There will be 24-hours security in and around the perimeter of the project. The entire property will be privately gated and fenced.

Penthouse Luxury Suites

Fractional Ownership (Co-Ownership) Fractional Ownership is owning an asset or property with other Co-owners. Each Co-owner owns a fraction of the asset or property. As a Fractional Owner, you may transfer, will, or sell your specific fraction or interest on the property to another, the same as you would do as a whole property owner.

Fractional Property- Fractional property ownership offers the benefits of owning more properties without paying 100% of the total cost of the property. Buyers own a fraction of the property which entitles them to a pre-agreed usage of the same. Maintenance costs are likewise co-shared among Co-owners. Buying into a fractional property offers the opportunity to also swap some of a Co-owner’s allocated use through a fractional exchange network.

Fractional Ownership VS. Timeshare Fractional Ownership is separate and different from timeshare. With a timeshare, there is no actual ownership of a tangible asset involved, but instead, you are purchasing only the right to use a property. With Fractional Ownership, you are buying an actual percentage of a specific and actual property. Your ownership of the fraction then entitles you to use the property for a specific time per year, the same as the other Co-owners. This is a benefit that all Co-owners are entitled to. The nature of their co-ownership divides all co-ownership benefits proportionately among themselves.

Benefits of Fractional Ownership

1. Affordability As the assets are shared or co-owned by several individuals, the purchase cost itself is dramatically reduced. For example, the cost of a comfortably-furnished condominium unit of 200 square meters located in a premier tourist destination and may be valued at 20 Million Pesos, can now be shared by multiple Co-owners, so that if there are 20 Co-owners, the original acquisition cost of 20 Million Pesos will now be so much more affordable at only 1 Million Pesos per fraction/Co-owner.

2. Lower cost of maintenance - All maintenance costs for the property are shared by all Co-owners, reducing the amount that each Co-owner would have had to shell out if he was a sole owner. All aspects of maintenance costs are split among Co-owners, such as common utilities and services, ensuring all features are always kept up to standard, painting, periodic clean-ups, periodic check-ups of the machine, upkeep and upgrade of appliances, securing the worthiness of electrical and other facilities.

3. Lower cost of ownership All aspects of the cost of ownership are likewise now shared by several Co-owners, dramatically reducing the amount of government taxes, insurance premium payments, and other related costs that each Co-owner would have had to pay if he owned the property solely.

4. Comfortable lifestyle at a fraction of the cost Fractional Ownership allows one to enjoy the lifestyle that he could only dream about previously. What used to be seen as something very extravagant and impractical is now rendered practical, affordable, and within easier reach of a greater number of people. One can now become a Co-owner of a 20-Million-Peso property for only 1 Million Pesos if there were saying 20 Co-owners, something that might not have been previously readily available to him.

5. Maximizing resources Cost-conscious individuals are allowed to make the most out of their resources. By buying into Fractional Ownership, they may enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that they have always wanted without putting all their resources into just one asset. They then have the flexibility to spread their resources among many properties and other interests.

6. Share the comfortable lifestyle with loved ones The luxurious lifestyle or the experience that most only dream or read about in lifestyle magazines, is now available to a wider reach of end-users through Fractional Ownership, and can now be shared and enjoyed with loved ones.

7. Practical way of buying property Fractional Ownership is an ideal and intelligent way to get the most out of investment by purchasing only a fraction of the total asset or property. One can now buy only what he needs and only what he wants to use. For example, if you need to make an omelet, you can just buy some eggs and not the whole chicken. Or if you want to travel overseas, you can just buy an airline ticket, not an entire plane.

8. Appreciation of real estate property - As the property is now more affordable and shared by multiple Co-owners, there is a wider reach among end-users. The possibility of value appreciation is also increased as the lower acquisition cost contributes to a higher demand, consistently and continuously increasing its value. Over the years, your initial investment may double or even triple, giving you more value for your money, and higher earnings if you intend to eventually sell your fractional property/ies.

9. Flexibility to buy multiple fractions - Fractional Ownership is a great way to invest in property. Because of the lower cost of owning a prime property, there is a higher demand for the project, boosting its value appreciation over time. The buyer is now allowed to invest in multiple fractions which he may later sell at a higher price while still maintaining the option to keep one or a few fractions for himself for his personal use, which he cannot do with a whole property.

10. Safe and secured acquisition -  Just like any property, the name of the Fractional Owner is reflected in the title which recognizes his specific fractional interest on the property, thereby ensuring it to be a perpetual, safe, and secure asset or investment, ready to be transferred, sold, or willed to anyone at any time, provided legal requirements are satisfied.

11. Flexibility in assigning fractions to loved ones or heirs.
With Fractional Ownership, it is easier to assign one's heirs their respective fractions/s of a property without the complications of jealousy, percentage sharing of assets, assets, among other

How near is Harbour Springs to Palawan's
major tourist spot?

Honda Bay  wharf 1.5 km. Travel Time 5 minutes
Robinsons  Mall 9 km. Travel Time 10 minutes
Downtown Puerto Princesa City 12 km. Travel Time 20 minutes
Puerto Princesa Underground River 57 km. Travel Time 1.5 hours
El Nido 257km. Travel Time 4.5 hours

The benefits in owning a portion of a Penthouse Luxury Suite under Co-Ownership.
  • Accommodation benefit of 14 days every year, with a minimum of 3 days required for each stay.
  • One call is all it takes.  Complete concierge service may be arranged and taken care of,
Inclusive of the following services: (Reasonable charges may apply.)
  • Airport to hotel transfer
  • Airline reservations
  • arrangement for transportation transfers
  • detailed itinerary
"Have Fun in Palawan - Explore Enjoy Earn"

Harbour Springs  with License to Sell No. 031480

If you have some questions and concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me on my number.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

+63 916 654 2086  (Viber or WhatsApp)
Mobile:  +63 908 651 6598
Phone:  +(63 46) 683 6915
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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The Crown Residences at Harbour Springs, Puerto Princes Palawan
Selling price : Php 2,970,000
Living space : 196 m²




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